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Keyboardmash (ing) is a style of typing employed by the larger public, it is equivalent to the result of most people opening their mouths. To keyboard mash you simply hit random keys in rapid succesion.
*dffgoih 34487gh 458uyh efgoihbdffo iuhb g0987h ervgihbqe78hffpiug h0qe9riurth iu*

Keyboardmash (ed)
by D00m_l0rd May 16, 2008
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by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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The most sophisticated way of expressing a mind fuck on instant messaging. Expressed after viewing something that just makes you go "heiucrwy89lq39rlqtvy8huidhjszfaiuehwu9lhjktvu4 hq3atw8bhvj,2qioy78" or similar. Mostly expressed after viewing such things as 2girls1cup or goatse.
keyboard mash: heiucrwy89lq39rlqtvy8huidhjszfaiuehwu9lhjktvu4 hq3atw8bhvj,2qioy78
by mb500 December 17, 2009
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