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A person who spends hours on the internet(mostly YouTube) everyday, trying to sway the minds of anonymous people by posting politically or socially based propaganda, because they are incapable of debating in person. In other words: a mentally unstable person, with far too much time on their hands.
" Man I can't stand that guy. He is always trolling the same videos posting the same rhetoric day in, day out."

" Aw, forget about him, he's a fucking keyboard crusader."
by Tough actin Tinactin January 24, 2012
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a creature closely related to the SJW In the fact that these creatures argue pointless arguments and expect them to make sense, then start bitching when it turns out their wrong. they like to claim opinions as facts and if your a straight white male, my god kill you before a keyboard crusader does by sitting on you or barraging your brain with keyboard warrior facts. avoid the telltale signs of a keyboard crusader

1. if it has colored hair

2. if it has retarded pronouns that don't exist (zie, zur, giraffe, hkkjwifjqh, etc)

3. if it says dumb things in its profile such as 76 genders, white men are evil, etc

4. if it blocks you or threatens you because you present it facts
you see that banner that says 76 genders, that was made by Julie, that keyboard crusader over there. we must call her zie and zur or she will yell that we are rapist nazi racists. and her new name is grbthmgf cheese lover the 22nd
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by Clonedcheese August 21, 2018
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The leveling up of trolls from Keyboard Warrior to Keyboard Crusader in one troll attempt. It is as difficult to do, as it is to kill 2 stones with one bird.
"Yo man, Arthur one time trolled someone. He leveled up from keyboard warrior to keyboard crusader!"
by KeyboardCrusader October 29, 2009
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A person who spends most of there time preaching religious words on the internet. Much like a keyboard warrior, but fight for god on the internet.
GodLov3sYou: There is NO hate in God. God isο»Ώ LOVE.

Loldogzx: STFU and GTFO you keyboard crusader
by O-DOGGIES July 12, 2012
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