a cute way to say 'cool', or 'kewl'
"im getting my hair done today."
by em!ly October 6, 2003
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a cooler way of spelling coolio. A way to say cool.
"you went out with jackson."


"ya i know eh"
by guitar chick September 28, 2008
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A word meaning the same as kewl, &/or kewlio.
To be kewl, interesting &/or awesum.

Note :: Not to be used in place of kewl or kewlio, as would be improper english.
Chick 1. :: Zomg! I just got the new WoW expansion.
Chick 2. :: No way! Really?
Chick 1. :: Most definatly!
Chick 2. :: Kewlioness!!!
by Mousehhh September 17, 2007
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