1. Chief Nerd of Australia - also known as leader of the communist/union party of australia. stole over $300,000 from the state of Queensland during his time as a civil servant. known supporter of Osama Bin Laden and gay marriage. see gay cunt

2. The kind of smart arse who disagrees with everyone and everything for the sake of it and is often seen wearing a smug smirk. see gay cunt and queef
1. Did you just see that GC Kevin Rudd saying how much he loves karl marx?

2. Did you just hear Goldstein arguing with the teacher? He was arguing for so long that we missed out on lunch. What a Kevin Rudd.
by K-Ruddisgay August 03, 2007
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1) he is obviously the milky way kid
2) he is australia's current prime minister/chief nerd/waitress abusing cockwad.

he did save australia from the ever so slipery ass kissing grip of thee howard govornment and that i say is definately an upsiee.

did you see kevin rudds interview on rove last night?

yeaah he looked like a halfwited, sexually confused mountain yetti with an abnormally large stick up his ass.

oh yeah?


good old kev
by duyrn095 April 26, 2009
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Australian Labor Party leader.
Prime Minister of Australia.
The most right wing lefty ever.
Has one of the highest opinion polls.
Has appered on Rove several times showing he has the guts to face the public.
Very tactful. Knows international politics like the back of his hand.
Dude: Who did you vote for?
Other dude: K-rizzle (Kevin Rudd).
Dude: Why?
Other dude: No one else to vote for.
Dude: True.

by Kelethor September 07, 2009
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