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kevin g from mean girls is a mathlete and one fine indian rapper.
yo yo yo
all you sucka MC's aint got nothin on me
on my grades on my lines cant touch kevin g
im a mathlete im a nerd but forget what you heard im like james bond the third sh-sh-shaken not stirred im kevin gnapoor

the g's silent when i sneak through your door
and make love to your woman on the bathroom floor
i dont play it like shaggy you'll know it was me cuz hte next time you see her she will be like "OH KEVIN G!!"
by Sarizzle January 02, 2005
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1. Leeching an email address under strange or uncomfortable circumstances
2. Unawareness to a person adding themselves involuntarily to your personal contact list
I would give u her email address but that would be keving

Can I kev her email?
by got bean June 19, 2005
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keving is a verb which means to squat or sit to urninate. This word only applies to males of the homo sapien species.
Someone who is keving in the bathroom: I sit down when i pee theres nothing crazy about me I'M just taking a whizz and mind your own biz why is everybody always staring at me?
by willPost4Food January 10, 2010
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