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A handsome boy who loves and cares about his loved ones. A true friend, loyal and sweet. He’ll keep his future happy. He’s emotional but strong. Always there no matter what.
He’s so kevaun in my life.
by anonymouslover333 October 17, 2017
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Kevaun is a guy of African American roots that acts hard but in actuality is one ugly ass nigga. Does sports and looks tough but can’t rock no one. They are usually pretty short, and have an ugly ass perverted grin on their face half the time. Whenever the shoot their shot, they usually get shot down. So they switch to little girls like a whole pedo. If u ever meet a guy named Kevaun, then avoid them as good as you can.
Steph: Ew Kevaun asked me out today.

Morley: Me too.

Alleybama: Me three.

Parker: Me four.
by SomeGuyNamedJosh November 12, 2019
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in love with Avalei.
person 1: “Hey do you know Kevaun”

person 2: “omg yes KEVALEI forever!!!”
by boomflick3000 August 12, 2019
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