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A word made up to confuse men. If your man is to cocky a Kerrism will make him feel stupid and insecure.
this guy thought he knew everything until I told him a kerryism then he shut up.

the kerryism's I use talking to my boyfriend confuses him more then anything else in the world.

My man gets so mad when he hears a kerryism but pretends he understands
by Jacob1 September 19, 2007
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(Kerryism) A word describing how women confuse men. When women talk and want to confuse men they will say a kerryism in a sentence. Kerryisms are known to make men forget what they are arguing about, giving women a huge advantage in any conversation.
I was arguing with my girl when she said a kerryism and confused me so much I forgot what we were arguing about.

Kerry could tell by the confused look on Jakes face that she had just said a kerryism.

by Jacob Kirk September 27, 2007
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