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1. A wonderful person! A girl with unbelievable beauty, so much intelligence also. Great and sexy body, everybody wants their girlfriend to be a Kerren! Kerrens are the most beautiful of all, and are known to be very wealthy. They are wonderful and very nice people. They are not selfish one bit and are always helping others. They do get a bit emotional at times, but that's what shows they really care! Kerrens are willing to do anything for their family and friends and are known to even take a bullet for them! But Kerrens do know how to fight back, if anyone messes with them seriously, they will stick up for themselves. A Kerren will have a lot of personality's, this includes hyper, funny, weird, cute and annoying! This is an advantage bit on occasions this could be quite bad. A Kerrens look is equivalent to a model and her natural scent is like a rose! Her hair is known to be brown and flows evenly, she is known to have naturally curly hair. But she suits all sorts of hairstyles. Kerrens make amazing friends and they treat them so lovely. They are always determined to do the best they can, in and out of school. Kerrens are truly the best and your very lucky if you know one!
Jack says "Wow, Kerren looks amazing today!"
Cole says "You should ask her out!"
Jack says "I wish I could but...."
Cole says "What? She is stunning!"
Jack says "She's to good for me though!"
Cole says "Oh yeah, I forgot"
by Amy Thomson March 27, 2014
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