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kerpwn, kerpwning
v. To pwn at the greatest extent.

n. The pure, raw, unadultered essence of kerpwning; possessing the ability to kerpwn.

adj. The state after a thorough kerpwning; an exclamation used after a thorough kerpwning.

Background: With the growing popularity of the word "pwn," it's only expected that the huddled masses will create offshoots in an attempt to expand their vocabulary without actually picking up a dictionary. As "pwn" is a step up from the word "own," so too is "kerpwn" a step up from "pwn."
kerpwn: "I plan to kerpwn the competition in this tournament."

kerpwning: "Man, trying to talk to this girl is kerpwning my brain."

kerpwned: "KERPWNED!"; "John's head just kerpwned that tree."; "I just got fucking kerpwned."

kerpwnage: " the most kerpwnage thing I've ever seen."
by Ruloi April 04, 2004
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