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Ken-Gar is a tawny enclave in well-off Montgomery County, Maryland. Its name comes from the contraction of Kensington, and Garrett Park, betwixt which it is platted. It is defined by the heavily wooded Rock Creek Park on several sides, railway on the south side, and has but a single entrance. Ironically, some of the children who live in the neighborhood fancy it "rough" due to the predominately minority populace, but it is in fact an old, well-settled neighborhood with a rich history, several churches, and a civic-minded populace.
We are visiting those delightful folks in Ken-gar, near the Kensington Antiques district!
by Shloss November 17, 2009
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A poor, dominately black neighborhood in and around kensington. Most of the people are black, latino or irish. It's jam packed with weed n crack n other drugs. Ppl form around here are real fighters and will fuck u up. Nights are usually filled with hustlas, pushers, crackheads, and gunshots.
eyyo my man got shot in ken-gar b.
by hussla_b December 10, 2005
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