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A man of great character and dept with the ability to make the sun shine through the darkest clouds. Friendship and integredy run through his veins and truth and comfort are the gifts he shares. Always and without exception. If you need something you can count on, you need a Kemonte
I know a Kemonte and hes amazing guy!!
by Nuebenzii April 03, 2017
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He is a little CUNT and his skin is as black as burnt toast or the midnight sky!
DAmn loom how black that kid is, his name must be Kemonte!
by Weavesnatcher666 January 21, 2018
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A fun person who likes life his way... Not the person with a grudge... If he's pissed of, look out. Other than that, a good friend.
Person 1: Did you hear what Kemonté said?

Person 2: Yeah, how does he come up with that stuff?
by Thepersonyouallknow March 12, 2018
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