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A bunch of good ole boys raising hell and fucking bitches. A city near Fort Worth that is high class mostly white. This city is known for having the hottest girls and the shittiest football team. But the kids from keller go harder then any other town. Whiskey pours and beer chases. Great place to call home.
"Hey what are you doing after the game?"

"Getting drunk as shit it's keller texas"
by Ktown1212 November 04, 2013
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A shithole of a town located in the 817 Metroplex of DFW North Texas. Not too far from Denton and Dallas, it is often referred to as the "K-Hole" for it's striking similarities to being stuck in an endless psychedelic/drug induced coma.
"Welcome to Keller Texas!"
"I can't wait to leave K-Hole!!"
by Aredjay August 13, 2008
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A city and a school district that is so shit-stupid, that they spend money that they don't have. Also known as the "poor as hell" city of North Texas.
Mayor - So what should we spend our 2 million dollar budget on?

Superintendent - How about a 4 million dollar football stadium, and a 10% raise on my salary so that I can get payed more to sit on my ass for 365 days?

Mayor - Sounds like a wonderful way to benefit Keller Texas!

(Seriously, they did that...)
by mckeelie September 03, 2011
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White preppy kids going to rap concerts or trying to rap songs, doing hella lot of drugs like mollies, perocets, xanax, etc. They say the n word, act like they are in a gang and spend their money they don't have on designer stuff like Gucci and Louis Vuitton. The City of Keller also spend their money on $1 million houses they're building. Their high schools are filled with teachers sleeping with students, giving head in the school bathrooms and smoking weed and vaping in the hallways.
Kid 1-"so who is that in that Louis Vuitton backpack kid smoking in the back of his Honda civic listening to Cheif keef?"
Kid 2-"nah it's just this Keller kid name Justin. He think he's cool and shit because he thinks he acts like a crip but he not."
"That's why it's called Keller Texas lol."
by EveryoneInTheClub February 06, 2019
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