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Kekgenderism is a Non-binary gender identity known for being the most common gender identity amongst the population of Kekistan.

Although a loosely-defined term (for convenience's sake), kekgendered individuals are generally characterised by their tendency to exhibit certain personality trends and preferences that are different to those of other genders, these genders often being of both the binary and non-binary varieties. Anyone can be kekgendered by simply identifying as it.

Although not technically a Sexuality in and of itself, there are currently no documented cases of people who identify as kekgendered without also identifying as keksexual; because of this, people often mistake the two terms for each other, and sometimes even call them fake because of their similarity to each other
Jamie is kekgender.
by Sksksksksksksksksksksksksksksk February 21, 2018
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