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In the game World of Warcraft, for the two main laguages; orcish and comman(orc and human laguages). Kek or bur is what a player reads when a player of the opposite race says 'lol', this is caused by the language barrier placed between races.

Combined, this can also be used as a substitution for the word "lol"
an orc and a human duel each other

the orc wins first duel and says "lol" and the human player reads "kek"

the human wins the second duel and says "lol" and the orc player reads "bur"


player1: Ha! i owned him

player2: kek'bur

by gameaddict666 March 05, 2009
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A combination of Kek and Bur, both translated as lol from Orcish, the horde language in World of warcraft. Generally used by the alliance to mock Horde in PvP or as a Substitute for lol.
Player 1: Did you see that guy over there? I just two shot him!

Player2: Kek'bur
by Nanobreaker October 29, 2007
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