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A sick ass Indian rezervation Located by Kamsack Saskatchewan in Canada.
A Rezerve in between Cotes First Nation and Pelly.
A Rezerve Where there is always a party friday and saturday night.
A Rezerve where Everybody listens to Eamons Hit single "Fuck it" from a couple years back.
A place Just like a Ghetto where you have to walk with a crew in the village just to be safe.
A Rezervation where Dogs run loose around the Village because nobody leashes their dogs. If you Want to walk around late at night you better have a stick and rocks cause some of these dogs are viscious and will chase you all around the Rez.
RezBoi: Hey Yo Dawg, man i just got back from the regina projects and i wanna get shit drunk tonite in Keeseekoose you down?

RezGirl: AHHHH! boy you get worse, Shimaygenes, u just got outta jail we ain't partyin tonite, maybe tomorow
by RezKid June 20, 2007
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