A phrase used to tell someone to keep them informed about what happens in the meantime. Kinda like asking to keep you updated of all the things that happen in your absence.
My best friend (in online chat): "Dude, I'm at the valley now for the fight with that dude . Gonna kill that mofo here who's been threatening me since last month. I'll beat the crap out of him here tonight.

Me: "Alright, keep me posted on what happens! Also, let me know if I shall bring a wheelchair to take you back from the valley after your fight.

My best friend: "Fuck you, man!"
by douche1998 May 1, 2015
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A phrase that girls use, mainly when talking to other girl friends. It's primary use is for when you are asking to be updated on the progress or plans of a situation. And girls use it. Just girls. Mostly girls are the user of this phrase. Girls. Eric? No. Girls. Not Angie though. She's not THAT much of an annoying girl.
With that definition in mind.... (hence):
-- "Okay, let's figure out these plans for sushi and the mall this week."
-- "Alright... keep me posted! :)"

by Angie!! April 11, 2007
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