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A very beautiful girl full of life.keeps a smile on people's faces solve people's problem if you meet a keaongela you are very lucky she loves purple and has very beautiful brown skin with a BIG BOOTY! and pretty eye's
dang! you go out with a keaongela!?

keaongela is very pretty.

that gurl keaongela sure as a big booty!

keaongela loves purple.
by keykey777 July 28, 2011
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Beautiful caring girl keeps it real 99.9% of the time sometimes mean only because she's easily frustrated. Most don't understand her she highly known for people's personal diary you can tell her ANYTHING. Doesn't hold grudges, but doesn't forget like to judge internally. Keaongela is everyone's diary / best friend.
Girl, I tell keaongela everything it's just something bout her.

Why is keaongela so quiet?

I feel like keaongela's the only one that understands me.
by someone unchartedd December 30, 2012
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