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the name of a couple whose names are taylor and kay.

this is possible the cutest couple in the world and they plan on marrying each other. they are complete dorks. no one understands their love because it is just so great.
omg, that couple is a kaylor!
i wish i had a kaylor!!
by KayandTay May 28, 2011
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Kaylor is the name used to describe young men that are handsome that have brown hair, hazel eyes, and a good set of morals.
wow, look at that Kaylor over there! Wish I could be just like him!
by armywife026 February 04, 2010
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The most beautiful girl that you could ever find. She gets pissed of easily, but chocolate, roses or wine calm her down instantly. She loves sports including soccer, football, and archery. She’s sort of tomboyish though.
That right there is a Kaylor!
Kaylor is a soccerholic
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by Just a regular kid December 21, 2017
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A hidden relationship between a pair of closeted lesbians. Commonly used by famous people to hide their real status from the public.
"They're scared that it would ruin their name so they decided to be kaylor."
by alicensedauthor January 02, 2018
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A very beautiful misunderstood girl. She is strong but easily hurt also tends to be short and blonde and very stubborn. Mostly would date a guy named jack or Travis or devin. A common name for great guys. She will pour her heart and soul out for you. Remember she's like a flower beautiful and tough on the outside but soft and delicate on the inside
by Kaylor November 14, 2017
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