a girl who think she’s the shit on tik tok but she isn’t. she is constantly asking for attention and fishing for compliments. she dated alejandro rosario but she was just using him for clout the whole time. someone needs to tell her she’s not a celebrity.
Katie Pego from tik tok is so annoying. Who is that? Exactly.
by 🔪 May 19, 2020
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An annoying bitch on tik tok who thinks she’s a celebrity. She constantly asks for attention and is hella basic and overrated. She thinks she’s the shit when she’s really just like any other basic girl in LA. She dated alejandro rosario and used him for fame the whole time.
Ayo that girl katie pego was on tik tok room
I know i saw, she low key gets on my nerves
by 🕺🕺 October 5, 2020
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