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A term used to describe one of the best types of people in the world. This person is usually an amazing friend, and he/she is very sexy. One can not be considered katertot unless they have blonde hair and talk to somebody named vince. Easy to love.
"Awww you really WESOME katertot"
by vinchenza March 10, 2005
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A festive spud-name for girls and boys lucky enough to have the name Katie.
Hey Kater-Tot, do you wanna chillax this Friday and go on our eating road trip?
by J Unit to the max November 06, 2005
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An origin of Frederick, MD. Currently residing in Chambersburg, PA, after making the wise choice of upgrading.

A "Kater Tot" makes up half of a Unit (see: C-Unit). Typically taken for granted by bitches, boats, and hoes, The Tot only gets stronger, wiser and wittier with time.

The "Kater Tot" is an Irish soul who bears the gift of charisma. The iron stomach within the Tot makes her capable of drinking anyone under the table. Dare you should try, and you shall be defeated by death from alcohol poisoning.

Often confused with bitchassness, Kater Tot is wise, honest, blunt and all-around f'real. With the Tot, you are guaranteed a grand time filled with funnies and good jams. Once you got the Tot, you never have to worry about being alone. This homie's got a backbone of solid gold and is a promised friend 'til the end.

If you should come across this "Kater Tot," you should treat her with respect, crack her open a beer, draw her a portrait with a trumpet on her shirt, and quote Anchorman.

synonyms: T-Unit, crazy ass white girl numero uno and a half, K. Tizzle, K-Tot, Kate mother fucking Lash, and C-Unit's hunchback sidekick.
"I don't know how to be a balla :("
"Call up Kater Tot"
"Kater who?"
"Kater Tot... be all-knowin' about the art of ballin'"


"I've never met a soul who didn't like Kater Tot."
by chrissymyers January 24, 2009
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