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Literally the sweetest girl ever.
This name can be traced to Katama, a beautiful place on the island of Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. If it can be from anywhere else I would love to know! Anyway, on to the girl. Katama is a bubbly personality and has no time for your crap. She only has friends she wants and will be hesitant to mess with the format of her squad. She is normally on the smaller side and loves to dress trendy and nicely. Everyone, young and old, love to be around Katama. She is extremely caring and loves babies and children. Katama is a great friend and you will benefit from knowing her.
Girl1: hey have you met Katama
Girl2: yes!! She helped me when I fell off my bike, that’s how we met

-Scenerio 2
Boy1: Oml Katama is so nice! She invited all her friends - including me- to this huge party on Saturday! Are you coming?
Boy2: no... I don’t think she wants anything to do with me.. probably becuase I pushed her friend off a bike.
by Ispendtoomuchtimeonline December 29, 2017
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