A chill, sarcastic, funny as hell girl. Her African origins shine though and she completely owns her dark comedy. Beautiful at heart and soul. Has no remorse and whether or not you like it, she'll tell you exactly how it is. She's compassionate, but doesn't let anyone step over her. Her name is pronounced cass-ear-a, and her eybrows are always at their strongest Her best trait is her knack at self deprecation but ability to recognize her perfections. She knows when to butt out and also went drop her opinion. She's simply Kasira!
Dude #1: "Who is that girl?
Dude #2: "Oh, her? That's Kasira
Dude #3: "Wow. she's so cool, I want to be her friend."
-Kasira hears, she then walks up to them-
Kasira: "No, you're creepy, I don't want to be your friend, Bye." *Tongue Click*
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by HelpingFinger May 24, 2018
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