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Others take advantage of her friendliness.
She can be inspirational one minute, then irritated the next.
She likes what she can't have and wants what she doesn't need, gets too caught up in the little things to see the full picture, and becomes obsessive over crushes, friends, celebrities, and fandoms.
When she argues, it's like each word is a dagger stabbing you because she pays attention well enough to know just where to hurt you.
When she gets hooked on something, nothing ever discourages her.
Karinna doesn't take "no" for an answer, and when she wants to know something she quickly finds out.
She tends to trust and mostly gets hurt, and then stops trusting entirely.
Her family relationships are ugly and brutal.
She loves her friends more than the people she lives with.
She gets so discouraged by the thought of being broken, that she's scared to love.
Karinna mainly loses what she loves and has a connection with the sweetly sardonic.
She falls in love with the song lyrics that describe her.
She can be oblivious to people's feelings, but when she does notice them, she tries her hardest to apologize.
Forgiving breaks her, and when it's all over, someone has to build her up again.
Most times, she gets lost in the music.

She gives her all in everything.
She's the type of person who tries not to care, but does it anyway whether you recognize it or not.
And Neverland is the only place she really wants to get to.
Someone please take her there.
Eli: What's wrong with Karinna?
Lilly: Don't say that! She's thinking, alright?
Eli: Thinking? More like drowning in her own tears.
Cayden: Leave her alone, man. She's been through a lot lately.
Eli: I know that, but shouldn't we at least try to calm her down?
Lilly: I already tried. Now we have to wait till she has no more tears left.
Cayden: She's an emotional wreck, Eli. She doesn't know what to do anymore.
Avery: I want to hug her and squeeze the rest of them out.
by derping-since-2011 January 14, 2015
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A russian women typically defined for their experience in the mafia. They have thick accents and date people with the first letter J.
Did you see Karinna in Moscow today?
by Zacataca96 November 07, 2013
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