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Kappus are strong, and hearty people. This name usually is from Germany or German people.( Kappus is normally used as a last name) The are the most fun people you will every meet. They may seem rude at first, but they are just blocking people out because they are hert on the inside and are afraid to let anyone in! They don’t want to get hert again. If they let you in and you hert them they will kick your ass(most of the time) and will never trust you again. Be careful with these people. They are delicate but are very capable of severe harm. They are a once in a lifetime opportunity. Don’t let these people out of your life.
Kappus I love you” “Get the hell away from me,you hert me once.I will not let you do it again!”
by Lifesaver April 20, 2018
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