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Kanija is a very photogenic girl. She loves her friends and family very much. She is very beautiful, smart, kind and talented. Although she is insecure about these things.Very high tolerance of crazy people. Is best friends with Ana( me ) who she’s gunna kill after figuring out I wrote this. Don’t kill me~ Love Ana❤️
by Angelbaby666 August 26, 2019
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Kanija is very hyper . Her best friends is her crew she says. She is in love wit yellow and love to dance . She is gifted and very photogenic She has a weird sexuality in a weird taste in clothing she loves her family and friends and loves her best friends more than she loves anything her best friends usually starts with E and K Can I don’t want to be something that helps people and also give us back she’s very gorgeous and pretty and wonderfully Dress one going somewhere that she needs to be dressed for he loves being girly and also loves being a tomboy her wife is very very Busy but loves being alone and she is kind a lazy but loves cleaning up somebody else’s house but not hers or should I say room she loves putting emoji‘s behind somebody’s name and their contacts and she loves to read and has good grades but really don’t love school a lot and Kanija is just the best person to hang out with but has a bad bad attitude but sometimes she’s nice and that’s all about Kanija
Boys and girls: Kanija is so fine!!!!!

Teacher’s: and smart !
Everyone: I think I wanna marry her!!!
by Ninislayer November 06, 2019
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