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1. Hawaiian for sweetheart or daughter of a chief
2. A gorgeous, gutsy princess
3. a stubborn yet prized child
4. a baddass, sassy girl who charms all she meets
Boy1: Damn, she just bitch-slapped him, but he's still following her like a puppy!
Boy2: Duh, she's a kamalani!!
by kamalani14 December 06, 2010
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A smart and beautiful woman that will always have your back and cares dearly for others but most always won’t show it until you connect with her. She won’t like being pushed but sometimes a little tease puts a smile on her face. She has great patience when she knows to wait and also the most sincerely smile and a little twinkle in her beautiful eyes.
Me: Wow look at Kamalani, she looks almost as amazing as the last time, but it is so hard to compare.
Friend: Don’t push your luck, I wouldn’t want you to come tomorrow with a broken bone.
by ILOVEKAMA May 31, 2018
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