Dark skinned; used by desis to denote African Americans. See also amru,makku.
Dude, did you see that Rajesh? Booty shaking with that kallu chick yaar!
by Aguntuk August 1, 2006
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The latest form of salutation utilized in Western parts of the world. According to various news accounts, 33.46% of the Hawaiian population has forsaken the greeting of "Aloha" to make space for the much cooler, "KALLU!!!"
KALLU!!! What's up in your life? How's the stoichiometry going these days?
by Hmmph April 12, 2005
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alexsandr kallus, one of the best star wars characters ever created, from star wars rebels. best redemption arc in the franchise. gay. best muttonchops around. voiced by the incredible david oyelowo.
I love Alexsandr Kallus so much. He is such a fantastic character, and written so well.
by captainkallus April 30, 2021
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kallu is a really nice friend and shes always there for everyone
i love kallu
kallu is amazing.
by xixitji August 9, 2021
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When simply panic on small small things and get attention on yourself. Which leads to you getting scrued
A person kallued himself when he panicked after hearing dat Darth Vader died and told it out loudly at tbe theatre. Which ended up in him getting absolutely rekt by the fans present there.
by GodsWords April 4, 2020
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