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kalaya is BOMB, if you ever date a kalaya dont let her go. she’s loyal , very athletic , thick😌 , & beyond beautiful. dont fuck with a kalaya because she will give you hell and they’re very rare. you dont fine many like her , she keep shit too real.
i met this girl named “kalaya” and i fell in love!
by you aint even knowwwwww😌 April 06, 2018
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In Thai meaning Beautiful Lady or Good Lady
Mmmhh I think I'll name her Kalaya
by Ross13 January 15, 2017
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Most beautiful Girl in the world. She is beauty in its finest form. You will never forget how she brings a smile to any room. She makes the world go around. She is intelligent practical and exquisite. If you happen to meet a kalaya. Tell her how beautiful she is and that her momma loves her. Momma"kalaya tianna is my baby i love her"
Kalaya is exquisite beauty.
by Starsatellitemoon13 June 15, 2019
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