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a made-up word literally translated to "slave girl" within the fiction of john norman. gorean slaves are trained to be totally obediant to their masters, they are not "submissives." a good kajira is beautiful, obediant and willful enough to provide entertainment and sport in her capture and subsiquent use. while a slave herself owns nothing, her value is set on her beauty and skills, and she can be sold like any other piece of property. the word has almost no practical function in the real world, at least with this definition, considering the impracticalities of implamenting these beliefs to modern society. it is only commonly used in gorean roleplay online, and at functions of likeminded individuals in the privacy of their homes.
i have captured another girl today, and made her my kajira. she is an attractive little slave, and when trained she'll sell for a good price at auction.
by An Onuma August 08, 2005
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A wordGorean/word submissive, usually given to referring to herself in the third person.
This kajira hopes You have noticed her complete lack of self-worth, Sir.
by Dasrik September 28, 2003
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