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A Sprint-based MVNO based in Bethesda, Maryland, that caters to the "tween" demographic (kids ages 8-13) through its trendy phones, kid-appropriate content, and simple pay-as-you-go billing format. The goal of the company is to sell phones that appeal to both increasingly technology-savvy youths and to their parents.

kajeet, Inc is represented by six "Dudes", each of whom has his or her own unique color and character traits. As it currently stands, the "Dudes" are: Lottie, Zeo, Skratch, Tallulah, Obie, and Kane.

The term "kajeet" has been likened to a bird call or a new species of foreign intelligence but is, in fact, just an acronym of the first names of the company's founders' children.
"My 10-year old keeps begging me for a cell phone, but I'm worried he's not ready for one of his own."

"Buy him a kajeet phone. It's completely kid-appropriate, it lets you control when and to what extent he uses it, and best of all, both of you will agree on something, for once."
by Skratchftw! June 15, 2007
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