adj. Using kailua as an adjecive insinuates that someone is super cool. used in the right context, it means that they surf a lot, and are too cool for anyone else. usually people that a super kailua like to skateboard, do cool stuff, and pretty much just "CRUZZZ".

people who are kailua also have their own lingo, words such as "westaycruzinkailua", or just "cruz" (meaning, to hang out, or be super kailua".

Ex: person 1: "ya man, i pretty much just cruzed at sandys for like 3 hours, then wentcruzonawestside with my bros"
person 2: "Ho bra, you so kailua!"

Ex 2: sarcasmyea dude matt and cheyne are so kailuasarcasm
by smartgocruz December 13, 2007
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A public school on the windward side of Oahu. It is kinda small and doesn't get much money, but is still better than Kaleheo
Josh: What school do you go to?
Carlos: Kailua High School
Josh: Sucks, but at least you don't go to Kaleheo
by takeshi.kun March 26, 2017
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the town where sexy people come from
kailua is awesome but don’t go there, too many tourists already smh
by spacebound January 24, 2022
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