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"Kaichi" is the Japanese word for manga artist. Outside Japan, manga usually refers to a Japanese comic book, and kaichi refers to the author of the manga, who is usually Japanese. As of 2006, about 3000 professional kaichi were working in Japan.
Yo, have u read the new manga series released by that awesome kaichi?
Which kaichi r u talkin' about? There are so many great ones out there, bro.
You know... the one who lost a shitload of money on crypto.
Oh that kaichi! His manga is fuckin' hilarious yo!
by ocrybit January 19, 2019
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A very cool strawberry blonde/ginger person!

A high intellectual
Most likely a AirPod user
Too cool for anyone
Omg Kaichi is so cool ! Wish I could be as cool as her
by Coolkid14369 April 23, 2019
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