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A girl who hide's her pain with a smile everyday. Is silly and jokes around, has a pure heart and beautiful. Loves sports, is really tough and stands up for what she loves and won't let anyone get in her way. is funny, sexy, sporty beautiful, smart and talented, the perfect girlfriend. Looks like a flirt, thats just her but when she has a boyfriend she's always afraid of losing them. The boys say she is a good kisser too. ;) hangs out with guys cause she hates drama. a short person who surrounds herself with tall guys, on rare occasions you will see her with a girl. Not the tallest girl around, but doesn't care. proud of who she is, no matter what people say. Always extremely random and loud, hates clingy, and extremely lovable. Loves to smile and laugh and is always energetic. Clumsy, with a lot of dumb moments. Will always find a bright side in the worst of situations and can make you smile at your worst moments. makes friends everywhere she goes, doesn't like to be alone, unless she needs space. Doesn't like to be in control. Has an amazing personality. She doesn't care if she's popular or not, she's got haters. When she says i love you, she means it, with everything she's got, even if she can't think of a way to show it. If you say it too early she will say it back but not fully mean it. Confusing but once you prove your worth it, she'll tell you everything without holding back. Willing to risk her life for your and puts everyone before herself. She wants you happy.
Kahryn is amazing!!!! There is nobody else like her!!
by #basics May 11, 2014
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