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A reference to the dangly parts of the male anatomy by someone who doesn't know how to spell in Spanish:

Otherwise known as Cojones.
Anglophone: Do you have the kahonas to ask her out?
Hispanophone: I have the cajones, if that is what you mean.
by fred666 December 04, 2006
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The Two Objects Found in the Nether Region of the male body, also known as the Balls, Testicles, Nuts, or Manhood.
"Wow...i've never seen a shot to the kahonas like that..."
"come on, grow a set of kahonas and just go ask her out."
by Meachdog October 26, 2005
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Used in place of afsos .
Started by an asshole Bond ,wanted to make it big but afsos only.
Man...kaho na
WTF kaho na only
by Serial killer April 01, 2005
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