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A beautiful girl, who loves to play video games and is just nice on the daily. She loves her family and friends and can be downright amazing. If you are friends with a Kadense you are very lucky.
"You've met Kadense right? "

"No, who's that? "

"You don't know who Kadense is?"
by Person293482 May 21, 2018
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Kadense is smart, loveable, shy until you get to know her, and a gamer girl. She has quite a talent for just about everything. She hates sports, but will always give it her all. Her hobbies include playing videogames and practicing her instrument. You can find her with a rather small group of friends, but that's what she prefers over a large group. Kadense is also rather popular among people for being cute and entertaining.

As for relationships, she is very loyal and doesnt want to screw around. She takes relationships seriously. Shy at first, she will eventually open up to her boyfriend/girlfriend and be a great date! You shouldnt let her go.
Popular person: "Did you hear Kadense got the highest score on the math exam?"
Some guy: "hott and smart" he smirks.
by Derpysaurus May 21, 2018
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