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Weird type of life style, in which eastern asian culture plays a big role: most of them understand some exotic language like hindi; they are very keen on archeology and ancient stuff. One of the forefathers is a bulgarian freak, named Kachaunov. Also kachologists (weirdologists) believe that charity is for real: when you donate some shit, it really gets to the poor people fully. They listen only to underground music (forget about music, played in radios or tv), and are very keen on art: fine arts, applied art, web design, and all type of art you can think of. Very unenterprising, but open-minded people. Can be found in small shops for indian stuff (very popular in Bulgaria since 2-3 years). Having a wildy haircut and beard (for males) and clothes, similar to skateboardish, they are easy to recognise on the street.
- Look that rastafar, reading that fuckin china letters!!
- Yea, the guy's addicted to fuckin kachology.
by Ohula (X) April 19, 2006
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