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sXe is gay. kXe is better. It means katana edge. Coined by fajita.
To be kXe you must own a sword. And you must be leet, though if you are azn you are automatically leet.
by rollaskate September 14, 2004
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straight edge is putting to much limits on someone. i didn't want to be confined by straight edge even though that is how i was raised. so i decided not to be straightedge, but no broken edge either, thus kXe was developed. Katana Edge is the lifestyle i have created at mc. the katana is arguably one of teh greatest and most practical sword ever made in human history. The blade is powerful and could severe flesh easily. It has a soft core to allow FLEXIBILITY, but a hard edge to provide a STRONG blade so it won't BREAK. The katana is a curved sword, not straght edge, it is like bending the rules instead of breaking the rules. the curved blade allows me to bend the rules, If i want to drink, i'll drink, if i wanna smoke, i'll smoke, if i wanna do whatever iwant, i will. BUT, the katana was considered the SOUL of the japanese warrior, samurai. so is kXe like a soul to people who are kXe. although the katana is a great sword, with much abuse, it WILL BREAK AND RUST AND BECOME WORTHLESS. just like the blade, if i abuse my body, my katana and soul, i too shall break. so the blade keeps me in check, allows me to do waht i want to do, but i musn't go overboard, lest i want my kXe to break.
dude don't be confined by straight edge, u don't need that label. kXe is merely a word to represent the abstract lifestyle of clean living.
by Rolla900 October 04, 2004
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