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The k-wake is the unpleasent aftermath of an event or object.

1. It could be described as the nasty taste lingering in your mouth after you wake up from a blackout night of drinking.

2. Also defined as the smell left behind in an unvented bathroom after someone has had diarrhea from food poisoning or the smell in a room after two hippies have sex.

3. Physically it is the destruction left behind after a special needs person has finished attempting to do things only a mentally capable person should or the hazardous waste left behind after a tragic oil spill.
I need to brush my teeth to get the k-wake out.

I know I'm at Woodstock because I can smell the k-wake everywhere.

I told you to tie Timmy down!! Now who's gonna clean up this k-wake?!
by hipty dipity March 13, 2014
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