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noun: the uncontrollable rage exhibited by a Korean when they are either drunk or charged by racial slurs.

alternative forms: k raged, k raging
Brad: Hey man, last night's party was sick.

Connor: Yeah, it was wild. But Min Ju was a total downer. He went all k rage on one of the guys because he accidentally stepped on his foot, so he started calling him a slut and a spoiled douche because he was a white kid. He immediately followed up by talking about Koreans and why they're the most superior of all Asian races.
by br4v3y April 02, 2009
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To rage at random moments during and after playing certain games when things aren't going your way... or whenever you just feel like it.
Dude, don't krage just because you lost.

Kage is the master of the krage.
by spooneye October 18, 2010
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Noun, Verb; the biggest fag in the entire milky way galaxy. most likely will get drunk and say/do the dumbest things you have ever seen anyone do, you might think they are "special". also likes to proclaim that they are "awesome", "cool", "winning"..etc. very mean to her extremely nice friends, and very possibly a whorish person.
Verb: She got fucking drunk and pulled a krage again.

Noun: That krage is such a mess.
by thecoolestshitonearth June 08, 2011
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