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An internet term for a type of person who is awful with women. They cannot have a long term relationship because of personality flaws, and yet they blame women for their own shortcomings and insecurities.

Like Alfie, but with less charm. And success. And nerdy.
Have you seen that guy? He isn't capable of having a girlfriend. I think he's one of those 'justgoogleit' types
by rory12321 December 15, 2010
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A good looking, intelligent, straight individual who is known for partying hard and getting all the ladies. His sexual escapades are legendary as is the size of his gigantic member. When he isn't womanizing, he can be seen hustling and performing the PacMan Jones raindance, in which he gets a stack of $100 bills and throws them in the air while the ladies dance around him/them. Only when he is out of money, may they pick it up.
Damnnn, that guy is one bad ass motherfucker, he must be JustGoogleIt!!!!
by 90|) January 04, 2011
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