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junkitarians live on a diet of everything unhealthy. usually thier meals are loaded with sugars, fats, and other unnutritonal things.
A junkitarian had a breakfast of donuts, a lunch of twinkies, and a dinner of extra-cheesy pizza.
by frizzyzizzy November 05, 2009
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Someone who is technically a vegetarian in that they abstain from meat, but who negates all the potential health benefits by eating mostly junk food. Many teenagers fall into this category. It makes being a "vegetarian" really easy, since you still get to eat crap all the time, and still get the cool hippie status that comes with vegetarianism.
"Hey, I've become a vegetarian, and I LOVE IT! I never thought it would be so easy!"

"Wow, I could never live on whole wheat bread, cabbage soup and beans."

"No, it's easy-potato chips and twinkies have no meat in them!"

"Dude, you're just another junkitarian."
by spinningtabletop January 30, 2009
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