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A song by Alice In Chains off their album Dirt. Written about Layne Staley's heroin addiction.

junk is a slang word for heroin
fan 1: yo man, did you get Dirt by Alice In Chains yet?
fan 2: yeah, did you hear Junkhead?
fan 1: yeah, its about Layne Staley and heroin
by xXGARTHXx August 15, 2006
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synonym for the term 'junkie', kind of like calling someone a crack head
Honey, look at that junkhead shooting up heroin over there.
by J.R. September 06, 2004
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The act of getting head in a garbage can. Junkhead can also be utilized as an insult, doing so will insinuate that the person being insulted gets head from a trash can headed bitch.
"I got so wasted last night, I think that bitch gave me some junkhead."

"Junkhead ass bitch, Junkhead givin hoe"
by vStormii February 23, 2018
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