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In baseball, a pitch that is difficult to hit due to movement rather than velocity or power, such as a breaking ball or a knuckleball. A junkball (or "junk-ball" or "junk ball") will often be caught by the catcher in the dirt. It is often just as difficult for hitter to hit, as it is for a catcher to catch. Bill Lee, Pedro Martinez and Tim Wakefield of the Boston Red Sox are known to be junkball pitchers.
A catcher for a junkball pitcher should have a large glove and a quick eye.
by Ted West April 17, 2007
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Another name for a junkie.... a ball of junk meaning its more of an insult to the junkie.
That chap ober there is such a junk ball.
by megaman09 January 04, 2009
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A combo of Football and Basketball played outdoors where teams ranging from 2 to 5 play. To score a team must get a ball usually a Kickball into the hoop which is a car trunk,the cars are parked across from each other in a parking lot usually 3 to 4 spaces apart depending on number of players. The Name JunkBall Comes from the fact that what ever is in the trunks stays making it harder for the ball to stay in the trunk. If a Ball bounces out it does not count. Checking and pushing is allowed.
"Yo Son the Courts where Packed so we just went to the Parking Lot and played us some JunkBall"
by TheBionicAnkle December 17, 2007
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A two-person game played with a beach ball. Players stand approximately 15 feet apart and take turns kicking the beach ball towards the other person's crotch. The receiver must toe the line and can't move. First person to touch a knee to the ground or forfeit loses. Dodging the blow results in another kick. Best played in mesh shorts.
Jon's sensitive nuts made him bad at junk ball.
by May 13, 2004
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Another name used for someone who is addicted to an intoxicating substance. Derived from the word Junkie the ball was added to make it more fun to say, with an elongated and emphasized sound on the ball part.

Often said in fun taking the piss out of friends.

Steve: "Hey man I was so fucked up last night, I had like 10 lobbas!"
Ber: "Haha you're such a junkballl Steve."
by Birdster May 11, 2008
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