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junhao is a ship name for jun/junhui and minghao/the8 for the kpop boy group SEVENTEEN they are the most beautiful men out there so watch out gucci
jun is also known as the prince of china and is known to be a shy boy who's always in his own world and his nose and jawline is sharper than your kitchen knife but you better watch-out because your weave will be snatched when he is performing on stage

minghao is a multi-talented king of glow-ups he also gets often mistaken as a giraffe because of how long he is , he may have seemed like a lil smol bean but he can do serious damage trust me | ◉ ᨓ ◉ |

sometimes they can be very gay and can attract people with names ending in 'gyu' 'woo' and 'shua'.

plz NEVER SLEEP on junhao you can sleep on beds but NOT junhao they are both extremely talented as they can both are dancing machines and they can sing, rap ,act and do martial arts and many other things. so please get to know them because you will not regret it.
carat no.1: WOW junhao slayed the MY I performance yesterday, did you see it ?

carat no,2: yes i did and my wig flew all they way to jupiter those boys really are something
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by minghoeeee June 11, 2018
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Someone who is an introvert but works very hard to achieve his goals. He knows what to do and helps out wherever he can. A person named Jun Hao is also compassionate and understanding of his friends and would never ever let them down. Even though he doesn't socialize quite well he cherishes the friends that has. A Jun Hao is also a very intellectual person and thinks deeper than anyone else, he is also a fan of sports entertainment but his usual pastime is reading a nice book while enjoying some latté
OMG, he's a jun hao?!
by Jun Hao April 22, 2018
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A genius with the most profound insights on the female anatomy and its most appealing features. His favourite is Japanese. May seem like he took a large whiff of something last night. Has... sPeCiAl facial features. Has the marvelous complexion of a 85 year old grandma anyone would envy but it's ok he's super young at heart. Extensive studies show that he hails from a sacred lineage of naked mole rats. Hit him up ladies! He's single and ready to mingle :-)
"Junhao always gets the ladies, especially Japanese ones."
by Hairy williams April 24, 2018
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