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known very widely within k-pop whenever jungkook is shook, can also be used when you or someone is also shook about or towards something.
*bts upload a new music video with bomb af choreography*

''my edges are gone, my weave's been snatched, i'm jungshook.''
by my heart is oh my gawd December 15, 2017
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Jungkook from Korean boy group BTS
Jungshooked- being shocked by Jungkook
Omg did you see jungkooks thighs I'm jungshooked (shook) (shooked)
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by i dont know u March 25, 2017
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to be so shook your eyes widened and you are speechless like Jungkook
or to be in love with someone idk
Guy: i'm Jungshook for you
Girl: da fudge?


Guy 1: fwjmnguvejhgnrmoeilkgjvemioklerjfsmoiekjrmiol H2O jolfmhrnuo3ri1lkwjmc

Guy 2: * in head (i'm Jungshook)*
by Ms. Kawaii Neko June 06, 2018
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