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a Bahamian slang for a wild woman at a party or club who dresses in little to nothing, over accessorizes, has exotic nails and hairstyles. Attire may include bright hues (highlighter colors like green, pink, orange, purple or yellow) WILL have accessories to match. A vulgar woman who may act very promiscuous at a party.
Sheniqua: " I want 3 gold bangels on my right hand and 2 on my left hand "
Devanesha:" You is a real Jungless"
by Sly8121 December 05, 2011
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pronounced (JUNG-guh-luhs): a girl who possesses the following attributes. Weave a different texture and hair color than their natural hair, CRAZY hairstyles, eyebrows shaved off then drawn back on with the same liner she used for her lips, over-accessorizes with colors that match either her hair, eyeshadow, nails, blouse, leggings, AND shoes, more than one color on the nails or in the hair, wears skimpy clothes, dances like a ghetto whore in the club or at a party, usually loud in speech and behavior
"Did you see that jungless in Cocktails (a jungless club in the Bahamas) on her back while that guy was on top of her?"

"You see that silver ass eyeliner RIGHT under her eyebrow? She is SO jungless."
by Nevar Welluno May 17, 2008
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A girl that goes around clubbing, wears the skippiest clothes, drinks guiness from the bottle and preys on men to make a living...
That jungless over there is waiting for the club to open.
by DanicaJ January 15, 2007
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