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Jullianne is unknowingly of how beautiful she is. She is shy and timid, but if you break her out of the shell she is very enjoyable to be around. She is a hard-core fan girl of many boy bands. She is smart and hardworking. She can do anything if she tried her hardest. Jullianne needs to work on being more confident. Jullianne is very loyal and sweet. Although she is nice she sometimes gets confused on who her real friends are.
You are such a jullianne giving me free chocolate..
by Aassddffggqqwweerrtt April 27, 2015
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jullianne is very beautiful. She is outgoing and energetic but also very scary, once you make her angry she'll scare you for the rest of your life she'll be like a nightmare. She is a hard-core fan of scaring people. Jullianne is very honest and loyal. she will always be honest and truthful with you even if the truth hurts you, she will not hesitate telling you. she is also very enjoyable to be around, she always had good vibes around her and if your ever hang with a Jullianne you'll never regret or complain because of her how fun and funny she is. Although she is very honest and nice she gets confused on who her real friends are.
i like hanging out with a "Jullianne"
by Jullianne May 03, 2018
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