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Fresh-squeezed juices are a hoax: they lack the natural fiber that fruit has which can render them 70-60% less bioavailable.
Fruitarians had it almost right, but they also miss direly on other important nutrients not already available in fruit/vegs.
Funny thing is the way them vegetards sometimes cross the line of sanity in dealing with their dietary habits: there is first off, the fruitarian who eats raw fruit/vegs. The juicetarian (also called liquitarian), who only allows fruit-and-veg-based beverages and water! Then again, some might disapprove of this all together and only drink water (called aquatarians/ waterians) and die from extreme malnutrition!
But the most ga-ga of them all is the pseudospiritual, sectarian-cum-vegetarian 'Breatharians': "people free of any need to eat or drink."

by hammer---;, hytham May 03, 2007
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