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A word that is used mostly in Nicaragua. It is an expression means "fuck" or "shit" when something goes wrong.
English: Fuck! I cant believe that happened!

Spanish: Jueputa! no puedo creer que eso paso!
by zsuperxman07z April 14, 2006
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Jueputa or Jue Puta (The "J" has a breathy w sound) is a Spanish phrase or exclamation mostly used, in this form, in Central America around Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It is easy to understand once you know that "Jue" is a weird contraction of the Spanish words "Hijo de."

Β‘Jueputa! simply translates as "Son of a Bitch!"... or more like..."sonovabitch!"

And just as people do with the phrase in English, Spanish speakers will censor themselves using the phrase in polite company. Leading to Jue Puchis, Jue Perro, Jue Poona, etc.
Or just use Β‘Jue! as a catch-all exclamation of exasperation
Β‘Jueputa! hace mucho calor -Va jalando.
by Nonsuch Ned November 16, 2018
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