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Also known as jsquadding, it means to finger someone up the butthole, whether it be a boy to a girl, girl to a boy, guy to a guy, chick to a chick. anyone can jsquad.

the origin of this term has been lost over the years...
Guy 1: dude I hate you stop punching me!

Guy 2: (as he puts finger up butt) ohhh jsquads!!
by numba1jsquadder May 31, 2009
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A group of females who are "down" or "willing" to suck you dry.Usually on the cheer team or really any other female sport.These creatures can be found roaming high school hallways and are always at the hottest parties,but usually theyy are in a room.
Man the J Squad sucked me dry last night. STD
by Clown Man April 17, 2008
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